The Skaehub boot camp lasted for two weeks. In those two weeks, a lot was accomplished in a very short period of time. It is a very intense program that requires complete dedication for two weeks; there is no time to slack off. Hence, working in a group is very helpful in such an environment. Working in a team makes sure no one is left behind. We had to work locally and also remotely. The first week, we worked on-site, and the second week, we worked remotely.

Refined curriculum

The boot camp has a very refined curriculum that is focused on understanding…

Day 1 — Monday

The first day of the boot camp was on Monday. I went to their offices where I met the group. We were a group of 7 individuals and our administrator, Humphrey. He took us through Skaehub’s vision — to be a socially & financially impactful technology company in Africa,

mission — To empower young & gifted Africans to positively impact society through the use of technology and values, which were:

Passion- Passionate people make an impact.

Integrity — We believe in honesty and consistency of character even when there is no one to watch over you.

Teamwork — Individually we…

My experience at the boot camp has been enjoyable, with one of the highlights being the opportunity to collaborate with brilliant minds.The training has been intense, with having to learn new things every day and lots of practice with the assignments. I find the environment very conducive to both learning and working. The training was very well structured with lots of hands on time for us students, as we were given plenty of opportunities to work on any weaknesses or weaknesses we may have. I have to say that it is one of the best things I’ve ever done. …

Skaehub developer Program

I came across a post on social media that Skaehub was accepting developer applications. I had never heard of Skaehub before. I went to their website and got more information on what Skaehub is about and applied as a developer through their website.

A week later, I got an email with a link where I could study for a test. The study material is well documented, but I was very disappointed that I had to constantly reload data bundles. The cost of the internet in Kenya is very high, but internet speeds are quite fast and stable in almost any…

John Kahenya

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